Half Measures Avail Us Full Fails

Coffee hadn’t even been brewed when I jumped out of bed in impatience and excitement; I just couldn’t wait to login to my new awesome blog.  Thoughts of “Sobrietyunplugged: the sober sensation goes viral!” crossed my mind, along with imaginary posts, followers, and holy grails.

Booting up my laptop..(is ‘booted up’ even applicable these days?)..I pressed the power button and Mr. MacBook was instantaneously more awake than I was.  Chrome opened. The sriracha-fried-egg-face greeted me from the homepage, and my eyes scanned the screen for activity.  Nothin’.  There wasn’t even an automated “you did it” post; something or someone along the lines of that dude Tom who had to be everyones friend on MySpace.  Where were all my cyber kudos and accolades?

I looked down at my dog for an answer.  She looked anxious as usual but remained silent.  Bitterly concluding that starting a blog was almost as stupid as the time I tried to use a laundry basket as a bobsled, I scoffed.  Doubt immediately moved to action, hurriedly googling “blog deactivation.”  Ha, take that, nonexistent readers!

Obnoxiously on cue, AA jargon popped into my head.  “Half measures availed us nothing.”  Drat. Fine, I said partly to me, part to my blog, and mostly to Bill Wilson.  Reluctantly I reassessed; just because the message (that I don’t even have), wasn’t carried to at least 1 million alcoholics in 24 hours, self-inflicted mayday is not mandatory.

Plus, it was 18 bucks for the site’s .com rights.  I guess I’ll keep coming.

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