The Text Tales of Two Alcoholics

Emotional Roller-Coaster

Emotional Roller-Coaster


September 2, 2013

8:15 AM

FRIEND: How was Labor day?

ME: Great!  Saw people drinking beer and it didn’t give me a migraine.

FRIEND: Cravings are going away!

Me: Weeeeeee! No meetings since Saturday and I’m OK!

September 4, 2013

12:01 PM

FRIEND:  Do you ever feel like you want your old life back? And you don’t know where the hell you fucked up so much to get you to this point?

ME:  Yes.  I’m having a hard time not thinking of my powerlessness as stupidity.  I feel like I can control everything now that I have awareness.

FRIEND: Omg me too!!!

ME: I wonder if it’s possible.

FRIEND:  I want to drink and NOT BE AN ALCOHOLIC.

ME:  Check please, one order of nonalcoholic to-go.

FRIEND:  I’m over the alcoholic outfit.  It’s out of season.  Like crocs.

ME:  These are interesting comparisons.  I think drinking was a dead end and that’s why they call it dead.


FRIEND:  Did you used to watch Power Rangers?

ME:  Power Rangers are racist.

FRIEND:  True.

9:05 PM:

FRIEND:  How are you feeling?

ME: Better. Finally went to a meeting. You?

FRIEND:  Better.

ME:  We are troopers.  I guess if I’m not moving forward then I’m taking 50 steps backwards.

FRIEND:  Yeah it’s okay as long as we take the next step.

ME: Gotta have faith.


ME: Otherwise we drop out like hot potatoes…Can I put you in my blog?

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