Living Sober = Loving Sugar



When in doubt, I scroll up in my sobriety archives.  If I’m denying how far I’ve come entries from the first 90 days reassure me of my progress.  Here’s an entry from March 8; I had just over one month.

March 8, 2013

“i cannot stop eating. I’ve been having chocolate pudding for breakfast, I  wake up and the first thing on my mind is, cookies. sweets, candy. my mom hid the chocolate bars from me; i am actually being rationed. my mom has said, just have one piece of chocolate, and i have said, that means nothing to me. instead of thinking rationally about the situation, oh i need to eat healthy, i think, i just need to starve myself a little. healthy thoughts, by….”

…by Faith Anonymous…well, Faith Anonymous 7 months ago, anyway.  Reading entries such as this one give me hard evidence that I sometimes need to carry on for morale’s sake.  I can read the ways in which I’ve grown. Don’t get me wrong–I still love any and all forms of sugar, but today there are healthy solutions as opposed to self imposed starvation.

Healthier options have derived from a healthier mind.  Now I workout,   and then chow down on a candy bar.  Sometimes I have to ardently force myself to drive past that Crumbs Bakery place, aka my heaven and nightmare on earth, but that’s because I’m still learning moderation, and sometimes I walk out of there with three trays of cupcakes.

So I have a sweet tooth on steroids; at least the sugar I consume for sober sanity isn’t nose candy for my addiction.  See?  Healthier Options.

Day 256

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7 thoughts on “Living Sober = Loving Sugar

  1. 158 days here…and I’ve been thinking about sweets all day! 😉

  2. Oh dear – 2 1/2 years and I still struggle with it!! You’ll see that many of us in the sobersphere talk about it and mention it and struggle with it. A merry-go-round, at times. It could be worse, of course. Be gentle on yourself, stay balanced food wise / exercise wise and be aware of when and WHY you are craving sweets. Often it’s physical, sometimes (well at least for me) it was when I didn’t want to face something. Like I did with booze. LOL. I’ve been off now for 6 weeks. Feel great, lost weight, more energy, etc. But it’s different for all of us – some can moderate and some can’t. But we alcoholics have a strong propensity to having sugar addictions too. Ugh. Can’t anything just be normal with us? Of course they can…just not the fun stuff. Or the stuff that used to be fun 🙂


  3. Sober On says:

    I’m so glad you posted this today! I am just 35 days sober and sugar is all I think about these days. (As I write this, I just consumed two pieces of pumpkin roll and a peppermint mocha coffee). I am glad to know I am not alone!

    • I’m in the middle of a serious bowl of cookie crumbles ice cream! I put almonds on top though..and almonds are it’s more like a snack, than a dessert..these are the things I tell myself. I must add pumpkin bread to the list!

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