Aaaand She’s Back.


After writing my “mayday” post last night I felt better.  When I can’t verbalize what I’m feeling, my actions express my emotions.  My actions last night were jarring and tense, and needless to say, left me with a pounding headache.


I reached out to people in the program.  What a concept!  Today is a new day. 


2 thoughts on “Aaaand She’s Back.

  1. Richard says:

    Welcome back. It’s not a great idea to go to events with lots of alcohol when you’re in early sobriety, but sometimes you just have to. I’m glad to hear you made it though okay.

    Every so often I miss being able to have a cold beer or a glass of wine, but then I think about what it was like when I was drinking and it passes.

  2. Thanks Richard! I found out that a large number of the guests are vegan, (no steak?!?) and there will be a wide variety of delicious sober drinks.

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