Yes, I’m back on the AA bandwagon, albeit somewhat reluctantly.  The slow truth is: life is better without poison.  The relationships I have now have blossomed and/or been created because of sober living.  Prior to Alcoholics Anonymous the most important and dedicated alliance I had was with drugs and alcohol—bottom line. 

You know…actually…. as I write this reluctance lessens; my will is turning back over a little more with each sentence.  

Yesterday alone:  The girl I nanny taught me how to play a Coldplay song on the piano, and taught me about patience as she placed my fingers on the keys.  We shared the Steinway bench after waffles for breakfast and before I took her to school for the day.

 Afterwards I went to the cold sunny beach with my dog, and took pictures of the frozen broken ice that looked like shards of glass on the sand.  I had conversations with strangers…real conversation! My dog ran up and down the shoreline with other pups, and naturally my Mommy heart swelled at the sight of my “child” so happy.  (I’m a firm believer that dogs are people, too.) 

My Dad came over with some food since I have not yet mastered the culinary arts, and began teaching me the basics of cooking.  I didn’t truly know my Dad before I got sober. 

Later in the afternoon I went to my office, which feels like family. My boss gave me a promotion, and he and my coworker offered loving life advice because they care.

At 6:00 I went to the rock climbing gym where I took a three-hour course for certification to become an instructor. For a couple nights of the week I’ll be working at the facility to support my newest healthy hobby. 

Throughout the day I was in contact with 4 or 5 amazing alcoholics (not an oxymoron) from my home group, and when I got home at 9:30 after acing my course in climbing, I got to have a 30 minute conversation with my other half.  Ate dinner, did a crossword, went to bed, woke up fresh, and drank tea infused with antioxidants as I blogged a turnaround thought process.


FINE…. life is awesome.  






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