At the End of the Day….

Day 352
“Here’s one simple approach to the daily inventory.  We set aside a few minutes at the close of each day to sit quietly and check out our feelings.  Is there a knot, big or small, in our gut?  Do we feel uncomfortable about the day we’ve just finished?  What happened?  What was our part in the affair?  Do we owe any amends?  If we could do it over again, what would we do differently?
We also want to monitor the positive aspects of our lives in our daily inventory.  What has given us satisfaction today?  Were we productive?  Responsible?  Kind?  Loving?  Did we give unselfishly of ourselves?  Did we fully experience the love and beauty the day offered us?  What did we do today that we would want to do again?
Our daily inventory doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.  It is a very simple tool we can use to keep in daily touch with ourselves.”
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One thought on “At the End of the Day….

  1. Glenn says:

    Daily inventories are paramount in my sobriety.
    There is no shortage of instances when decisions are made with my ego and to my chagrin, acted upon. There is also no shortage of instances when I have exemplified humility which I have learned in part due to taking daily inventories.
    It has also been quite helpful to see my inventory after writing it down. Keeping a brief journal to list what you have described in your post has proven to be effective in learning and cathartic in healing.
    Thank you for this post!

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