10 Awkward Scenarios in Sobriety

Eggs!  Glorious high fructose corn syrup eggs will keep me sober!

Eggs! Glorious high fructose corn syrup eggs will keep me sober!

1)   When you run into someone you used to party with, and he/she assumes that you moved/died.

2)   When you go on a date with someone who doesn’t know you’re in the program, they order a beer, and you immediately hate them for life.

3)   Kicking over a happy hour sign and then pretending it tripped you.

4)   Pretending in conversation that you still drink to seem “normal.”

5)   Letting it slip that you pray and then trying to take it back.

6)   Being caught smelling an empty wine glass.

7)   Dropping your step work in Starbucks.

8)   Being spotted in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble.

9)   Being asked why you don’t drink.

10)  Going to CVS at midnight on a Saturday to pick up Cadbury eggs and Valentines candy for yourself and being spotted by your old boss.  Yep that happened last night.

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4 thoughts on “10 Awkward Scenarios in Sobriety

  1. Michelle says:

    #5- if people around me makes me uncomfortable about my spirituality- or anything else for that matter- I’m surrounded by the wrong peeps.
    #9- I just say I’m allergic- I get a bad rash, turn red all over, grow horns….. No bueno!
    #10- Everyday or every situation can be an opportunity

  2. ha ha..wonderful! I can relate to a few of these (the Starbucks one for sure)

    I have done number 6 – and the countless variations on it – smelling the wine as it passes by on a tray, etc.

    Very cool…and yeah, hook me up with those eggs!


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