26 Things I’ve Learned in Second Year Sobriety



Day 452


  1. My best thinking still gets me into trouble.
  2. Last year was animalistic survival mode: eat, sleep, flight, fight.
  3. This year I’m in touch with being human.
  4. Flaws are inevitable components of mortality.
  5. My shares aren’t going to be verbal sculptures of wisdom, nor do they have to be, nor will they be.
  6. I am not perfect, thank God.
  7. Willingness is fleeting, but my foundation is stronger than before.
  8. When I think I know everything, I remind myself I know nothing.
  9. More listening, less talking, more praying, less victimizing.
  10. Everything changes.
  11. Life gets full. Things come and go.  People come and go.
  12. Decisions get bigger.
  13. Estimable acts equate to confidence and connection with my Higher Power.
  14. Judgment is hideous.
  15. The world is at warp speed.
  16. Relationships take work.
  17. Where there is pain I can help.
  18. Where there is happiness I can join.
  19. Bitterness is removable.
  20. Fears are tentative.
  21. This is a disease of perception.
  22. “Having time” makes sense all of a sudden.
  23. I remember what it was like to think 1 month sober was long-term sobriety.
  24. Self-will is quickly identifiable and extra painful.
  25. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are crucial reminders, and must be visited often.
  26. “Make a message out of your mess.”


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2 thoughts on “26 Things I’ve Learned in Second Year Sobriety

  1. Just love this list! Very cool and dead on on all points! Congrats on 452 days! Woot woot! It just keeps getting better and better!

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