Gettin’ Goin’ Again

Everyday I’ve been telling myself to write, and every night I’ve been kicking myself for not writing.  Empty promises are exhausting, and terrible for self-esteem.  What is WRONG with me?  (I’ve been wondering.)  Where does the time in the day go?  How will I ever write a book if I can’t even make a blog entry?  I’m a deadbeat. These are four thoughts out of one billion I’ve had since stopping writing. 


I haven’t been journaling at night, either, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that my mind has been extra cluttered chaos. 


So I’m going to start small; no use in trying to cram everything that’s happened over the past 3 months in 1 blog entry…I will start with today.


Today there’s been nothing to report.  I just had a Capri Sun for the first time since I was maybe 12.  It was way too sugary and way-too-room-temperature.  This will be the highlight of my day.  This is me being dramatic.  More later. 

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