Garbage Brain

that's a brain, not to be confused with a strawberry

This is a garbage brain, not to be confused with a strawberry taking out garbage.

I’m thoroughly unimpressed with life recently. There was a time not too long ago that I could see a miracle in a flower.

Now I see traffic jams, I see people with more money than me, I feel tense, and short-fused, and agitated. Everyone is a burden and they better get the fuck out of my way.

What needs to change? The six inches in between my ears? Great. I’m suffering from stinkin’ thinkin’ garbage brain. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a diagnosis.

One thought on “Garbage Brain

  1. Stinkin’ thinkin’ – ugh. I get that at times. Where everyone is an a-hole and nothing is done RIGHT. Oh dear, don’t you know who I am? Hello???? Yup, that’s where my mind goes when I am not on the beam. I went through that not too long ago. Had to muster up my spiritual side there a bit, take the damned actions I had been neglecting and just learn to park myself to the side. Easy to say, not always easy to do. But we do it. You can do it too. This thinkin’ ain’t good for us, as you know. Talking and sharing it with others always helps for me.

    Hope you pass through, my friend 🙂

    P.S You will.

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