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Make New Days but Remember the Old

Old Saturday morning routine:

Wake up swimming in a foggy sea of regrets.

Assess surroundings; am I home, am I alone, where is my iPhone.

Making moves to the beginning of a day killed before it started.


Today’s Saturday routine: 

Wake up groggy but pain free.

Brush my teeth, actually floss, and appreciate the little things in self-care I never cared for before.

Walk my dog in the morning sunshine.

Eat cereal, drink a chia-seed-kombucha, grab a granola bar to-go and feel excitement, not dread, for the day ahead.

Gather everything I need for a day of rock climbing and a night of laser tag.

Write a gratitude list.


Pray for love, patience, and kindness, and for the ability to help others as they have helped me, and thank my higher power for a day that dawns without my power.

Feel gratitude, feel the conscious contact, and know that I am blessed.

Good morning 🙂



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